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Healthy Habits to Implement Now (and How to Maintain Them)

Written by Argancoco Stories


Posted on November 02 2021

Written by Vanessa Holwell

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Healthy Habits to Implement Now (and How to Maintain Them)

While New Year’s resolutions are a great idea, they often don’t work. At least not for long. People start out with good intentions, but come March, the steam runs out. One of the main reasons why so many people fail to maintain their newly-adopted habits is a lack of strategy. The motivation that comes with the novelty of a habit can quickly wilt away, leaving you less likely to keep the momentum going for the long term.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! And who says you have to wait until January to make healthy changes? You can implement healthier habits now, and when you apply careful strategy, you can set yourself up for long-term success. 

Argancoco explains some realistic habits to adopt now and how you can make them stick:

Get your rest. 

If you are like many other people across the globe, you don’t get enough sleep. This makes it really difficult to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. Sleep is how your mind and body recover from the events of the day and regenerate for the next day. Without proper sleep, Private Healthcare UK asserts that you can’t reach peak productivity, you’ll have less energy, and you’ll open yourself up to more illnesses — not to mention it can cause some dangerous situations. 

Sleep should be a priority. Make time in your schedule for a nightly routine that helps you unwind and fall asleep. Meditate, do yoga stretches, drink chamomile tea, read a book — choose one activity that calms you down and fosters deep rest, and do it every single night. Ideally, you’ll get into the rhythm of getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Shape up your living environment.

Along with getting plenty of rest, make sure your home is clean and decluttered. Organized Interiors explains that a messy living environment can create all kinds of stress and tension. If you notice that members of your household are dealing with heightened criticism, arguing, and complaining, cleaning your home can totally transform the atmosphere with positivity. Dedicate one weekend to deep cleaning your home, and create a routine where you clean each day for a few minutes.

Schedule ‘you’ time. 

Making time for self-care is critical to your overall health and well-being. Of course, this can be very challenging as a busy working parent. If you currently feel like you get no time to yourself, carve out 15 minutes a day to do something relaxing and enjoyable. Whether it’s lounging around with hot cocoa, starting a new hobby, or writing in a journal, take the time to decompress and rejuvenate your mind and soul. 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate hair and body products into your self-care strategy (beauty and health do go hand in hand), including the organic collections from Argancoco. Whether its body oils, hair products, or anti-aging serums, Argancoco has what you need to optimize your skincare and overall wellness. 

Take care of your body.

Finally, prioritize your physical health too. Limit the processed foods and sugary drinks you consume each day. Engage in physical activity for 30 minutes each day (e.g., walking, running, recreational sports, etc.). And make sure you are practicing personal hygiene and grooming each day. Juggling so many different activities may prove challenging at first. This is why ZenBusiness recommends taking small steps to develop sustainable habits, and not setting goals that are too difficult to reach.  

To make changes that will stick now and into the next year and beyond, you need to make them realistic. So, find simple ways to get better sleep, and keep a clean home. Make time to relax and enjoy yourself, and be intentional about fostering your physical health each day. In no time, you’ll see the difference your healthy decisions are making in your life.




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