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My New Favorite Hair Collection for Summer: ArganCoco

Written by Argancoco Stories


Posted on August 20 2018


Today's post is all about a new product line that I've been trying out lately by a company called ArganCoco.


A few weeks ago, ArganCoco was kind enough to gift me their new line of shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil! Since then, I've been testing out the products and gathering my thoughts on them.


For starters, a few things you should know about my hair is that it is typically between normal and dry. I regularly dye it and I put heat on it constantly. I know doing all of that isn't the best for my hair, but with the field I'm in, I don't have much of an option. So, instead, I make sure to take care of my hair as best as possible using high quality products and following a healthy diet.


In the summer especially, my hair needs a little extra love and care. If you're also blonde, you know how fragile light hair can get, especially when it's exposed to chlorine and tons of sun, and since I like to spend my free time in the sun, at the beach, and in the pool, it's important for me to treat it well product and nutrient-wise. Naturally, with all the elements my hair is exposed to, I need a bit more moisture and strength to keep my hair as healthy as I can.


Since using the ArganCoco products, I've noticed that my hair feels more moisturized and softer than usual. I've also used all three of the products on my hair extensions and have noticed that they are still in great condition. Typically, I am very picky about which products I use on my extensions. However, with ArganCoco being sulfate free, paraben free, and color safe, in addition to being cruelty free and vegan, I decided that it would be safe to use on the extensions. So far, it totally has! The extensions are still soft and silky. They actually feel like they're new!


I'm not a very scientific person by nature, nor do I have experience in chemistry or direct hair care, but from my own research and experience, the ingredients that are in the ArganCoco products are the same that I've learned are good for your hair. Some of the ingredients are organic argan oil, coconut oil, and even aloe vera extracts. All things that I've read are great for hair care! Keep in mind, these ingredients can effect other hair types in different ways, so you should always consider your own hair type before using products like these.


My favorite product from the ArganCoco line is the Revitalizing Hair Oil. It didn't make my hair greasy or tacky. It absorbed into my hair quickly and left it soft and smooth. I love the healthy shine it gives both my natural hair and my extensions. I've been putting it on while my hair is still damp after a shower, but I've also used it before going out in the sun or in the pool as means of protection.


So far, I'm loving the ArganCoco line. I think it's perfect for summer and I can't wait to see if my hair keeps feeling healthier in the weeks to come! It's quickly become my favorite hair care line for summer. If you want to buy any of the products, feel free to use my code MissTiffanyGabriel for 60% off ArganCoco products! You can buy them on the website and just put the code (MissTiffanyGabriel) in the discount code box and then click submit!


Thank you again to ArganCoco for sending me these products and giving me a code to share with all of my readers/followers! I truly enjoy the products and I can't wait to see what else you all come out with next! ArganCoco is also sponsoring me in an upcoming event that I can't wait to share with you VERY SOON! Stay tuned for more details and be sure to keep up with me on social media (@tiffanymariegabriel)! I'll put ArganCoco's social media below so you can keep up with them too!


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