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Our Story

passion, precision, and perfection

The story of Argancoco is one of passion, precision, and perfection coming together to create a revolutionary brand that believes you should not have to compromise feeling good for looking good. What started as a vision from a passionate entrepreneur who desired to create products inspired by the Ayurvedic principles of his Indian heritage was transformed into reality by a chemist who dedicated his life to curating the finest ingredients for producing high-quality self-care products. This legacy is now carried forward by two young, driven, and innovative women who aspire to build upon the foundation created by both their father and the chemist.

Sonali and Janki decided to turn their love for natural beauty into a sustainable company dedicated to promoting Ayurvedic principles and India's rich heritage, using it as a means to empower women in business. They realized from a young age that they possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and were determined to leave their mark in the world of business. Growing up, they witnessed their father's passion and commitment to commerce, which inspired them with the values-driven success they encountered. They recognized that businesses have the potential to change lives, communities, and the world at large, and they immediately knew that this was their calling.

Argancoco is a collection of hair products designed with a holistic self-care approach to promote the well-being of our bodies, souls, and the earth. These principles are inspired by our deep appreciation for Ayurvedic remedies, which originated in India over five thousand years ago and have consistently demonstrated comprehensive healing effects on the entire body. Our brand is unwavering in its commitment to crafting organic, natural products sourced from the purest ingredients that nature provides. We have devoted over eleven years to conducting research, experimenting with ingredients, and formulating high-performance products, all aimed at delivering the most exceptional line of hair care products to our valued clientele.

Our philosophy revolves around the creation of top-tier products that are not only high in quality but also free from harmful substances and environmentally conscious. All the products we offer are sulfate-free, paraben-free, color-safe, and cruelty-free, with a variety of vegan and organic options available.