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our philosophies

We subscribe to a holistic approach when it comes to haircare; which means providing detailed attention to each individual strand from root to end. But our philosophy for haircare extends beyond just the hair. We believe that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand; that in order for our bodies and minds to be in harmony, we need to nourish them with care. We are advocates for treating our bodies, soul, and earth well. These ideals are inspired by our love for Ayurvedic remedies, which originated in India over five thousand years ago, and have proven to have whole-body healing effects. We are committed to providing the world with nutrient-rich, natural haircare products sourced from the purest ingredients found in nature. Happy hair, happy life!

We endorse the philosophy that our body is a temple, and as such it should be treated with respect and care. We believe it is important to have awareness of not only what we consume from the inside but also what we apply on the outside of our bodies. Therefore, each of our products have been crafted with these ideals at its very core. Our OudBody line is designed to appeal and awaken your body's sense. From the rich, natural scent of oud bergamot infused in all our body care products, to the glistening glow that will radiate from your skin once the product has been applied, these products will leave your body feeling worshipped. We are committed to providing the world with paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free products to ensure that both your body and soul are tended to.

We believe that our faces are the mirrors of our minds; and happy minds yield smiling faces! That’s why to preserve the most delicate parts of our body - our facial skin, we created a line of products so pure from ingredients to production that you can look good, guilt-free knowing the products are ethically conscious. We believe that the right time to begin your skin care journey is now. We are committed to providing you with products formulated with the highest quality ingredients to give you the opportunity to invest in your youthfulness today, and ensure a smiling face tomorrow!